AGF Videoforschung launches a new era of convergence

Frankfurt am Main, 22.03.2017:

A big step for AGF Videoforschung: Today marks the start of the first monthly reporting of convergent usage data. For the first time AGF data is to include the reach of TV and streaming in a joint data record. In doing so it is enabling the broadcast and advertising market to test the audiovisual reach as part of an preview phase. The convergence data are the main goals of the AGF video-streaming project and will be published with immediate effect in two special analysis tools on a monthly basis starting as of January 2017 and in each case with a production time of app. 40 days.

“AGF’s video-streaming project is a true show of strength yet the biggest challenges are already behind us. Our task over the coming months is to concentrate on refining our audiovisual research approach in close collaboration with the market and to expand upon it with additional data sources and suppliers,” explained AGF CEO, Willibald Müller.  At the same time AGF Videoforschung is working hard to speed up the complex production process so as to shorten production times. For the purpose of analysing and evaluating the data, AGF Videoforschung is also introducing a new generation of innovative software solutions: WebCross 2.0 and videoSCOPE 1.0.

Transparency and comparability

Running parallel to the preview phase, the well-established TV market standard, which has proven itself in the market and on which AGF’s applicable definition of a population is based, will continue to exist and be available to users in TV Scope 6.1. To analyse convergent video data from TV and video-streaming, AGF Videoforschung has commissioned the software service provider DAP to develop two innovative software products:

The cloud-based and user-friendly analysis tool WebCross 2.0 provides access to a choice of TV and streaming data files. It enables an analysis, for example, of the increase in reach of a programme through streaming (incremental growth). The tool stands out for its visually attractive graphic presentation of the data and a customisable dashboard.

videoSCOPE 1.0 is the fusion enhancement of the TV analysis system, TV Scope 6.1, currently in use. The opportunities for analysis provided by videoSCOPE 1.0 include tried and tested types of analysis in several standards, which produces transparency and comparability with the existing TV market standard. Alongside this videoSCOPE 1.0 also offers complex analyses of streaming use, such as the analysis of live streaming or streaming-only offers.

“The first regular reports from the AGF Videoforschung video-streaming project are an important step towards a market standard that is so desperately required by the advertising economy,” according to Klaus Peter Scharpf, Managing Director Business Planning at the Frankfurt-based media agency Mindshare. “With the methods and analysis tools it has developed, AGF Videoforschung is setting the benchmark to meet the increasingly complex requirements of convergent campaign planning. For the first time, standard measurement data for TV and video-streaming are available on the basis of a market consensus that facilitates analyses across all channels.“

Use on mobile devices

AGF Videoforschung is already working on the next expansion stage of its video-streaming project. This encompasses primarily the integration of mobile streaming data for which AGF Videoforschung is currently setting up an own panel with Nielsen of about 5,000 participants. The use of video-streaming via smart phone or tablet will be measured for these panelists. This means that the use of streaming content on mobile devices will also be included in the data pool.

As a result of the constructive cooperation with Google, the challenging integration of YouTube data is now at a very advanced stage. And a growing number of other providers are showing interest in participating in the streaming measurements.

About AGF Videoforschung GmbH

AGF Videoforschung is a cooperation between the broadcasters ARD, Discovery Communications Deutschland, RTL Media Group Germany, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, Sky Germany, Tele 5, Viacom, WeltN24 and ZDF for the joint implementation and development of the constant quantitative recording of the use of video content in Germany, including the collection and analysis of the data. It is constantly developing its instruments with a 7-figure annual budget to allow it to provide the market with reliable data on the use of video content on a daily basis. In addition to the shareholders, license holders, advertising companies and media agencies play an active role in designing measurement and research at AGF Videoforschung.



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