The AGF system at a glance

Status 08 December 2021. How does the AGF system actually work? How are TV and streaming measured? How is the convergence data created? And how do you measure Netflix and Co in the AGF Smart Meter project? AGF-CEO Kerstin Niederauer-Kopf explains the AGF research system and its further development in a presentation lasting about 40 minutes.

The current presentation, as of 01 August 2023, can be found here.


Please note: The status of the video is November/December 2021. The updated presentation with status 05/01/2022 can be found in the download section.

00:06 Foreword Kerstin Niederauer-Kopf, Chairwoman of the Management Board AGF Videoforschung

01:11 About the AGF: Shareholders and associations

02:15 AGF principles: independence, neutrality, transparency, openness and comparability

03:06 Big Picture: Overview of AGF Measurement

07:00 Partners of the AGF

08:00 Overview of AGF panels

09:20 The AGF Panel (with GfK)

11:56 External specifications and the importance of representativeness and household sampling

15:17 Measurement technology in the AGF panel, registration and co-viewing

18:16 How audiomatching works

20:26 Future viability of measurement technologies (watermarking, measurement routers, data protection)

22:41 Streaming measurement (with Nielsen): Hybrid measurement approach (census and panels)

24:52 Streaming: The Desktop Panel

26:18 Streaming: The Mobile Panel

28:14 Router measurement with AGF Smart Meter in the AGF Panel

30:53 Example AGF Smart Meter Report: Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and Disney+

32:26 Convergence data: Convergence process

33:56 Production of daily convergence data

36:05 Example AGF streaming hit lists

38:13 Current projects