Von A wie AGF Videoforschung bis Z wie Zapping – hier werden die wichtigsten Fachbegriffe der Bewegtbildforschung erläutert.

Out-of-home viewing

Out-of-home viewing refers to usage in the households of the AGF Panel that is generated by guests, meaning persons who do not live permanently in the household. Based on the model assumption that the panel represents all private TV households, a person uses TV either in his or her own household or in another household, so that usage as a guest is regarded as being representative of the usage of the panel member outside of his or her home. The usage of guests is transferred by fusion to panel members who have not watched TV in a blanket interval of 60 minutes before and after the guests’ use. Age and sex are the shared characteristics for the fusion. Other factors applied for the selection probability of a suitable panel member for the fusion are the frequency of out-of-home use according to information provided by the panel members themselves (from the Structural Survey), television usage in the last 28 days, and regionality. Out-of-home viewing has been incorporated into the daily AGF data since 07/01/2009.

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