Von A wie AGF Videoforschung bis Z wie Zapping – hier werden die wichtigsten Fachbegriffe der Bewegtbildforschung erläutert.

Rate groups

The rate groups in TV have a unique indication per broadcast day. They consist of 4 always fully available indications. The coding is mandatory for advertising. In addition, the coding can also be assigned for other types of programmes such as sponsoring or trailers.

Rate type: 2-digit (allocation of the advertising islands to different areas which define the type of advertising)

Price group: 2-digit (determines the spot price in the advertising island, is subordinate to the tariff type)

Hour: 2-digit (planned broadcast hour of the advertising island)

Block number: 2-digit (internal number assigned by the broadcaster, usually consecutive within an hour / environment)

The following classification applies:


Standard advertising, general


Standard advertising


Standard rate sport


Standard rate children


Event advertising


Event rate Sport


Total advertising


Special forms of advertising


Broadcaster-internal coding

Price information for rate types 1-30 is stored in the reference systems. Special advertising formats are assigned to rate types 31 and above so that they are not included in the average calculation of total advertising. rate types 81-99 contain internal broadcaster information that does not refer to advertising block data and is only licensed for the respective broadcaster.

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