Von A wie AGF Videoforschung bis Z wie Zapping – hier werden die wichtigsten Fachbegriffe der Bewegtbildforschung erläutert.

AGF Video Potentials

The AGF Video Potentials study is the external specifications study of AGF since 01/01/2022. The AGF Video Potentials is based on two separate research studies: The Potential Study, which is conducted in cooperation with agma and agof, and the AGF Platform Study. Both studies are conducted annually in two waves (spring and autumn).

After a joint weighting on the microcensus, both studies form the AGF Video Potentials, which (except for the Sky specifications) provides all relevant potentials of video image use in Germany and serves as an external specification for AGF research system.


Potential study: The potential study is conducted as a CATI survey (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview). People aged 14 and over are surveyed.

Platform study: The platform study is designed as a CAPI study (Computer Assisted Personal Interview) and is conducted at the respondents' homes. In addition to the survey, the interviewers examine TV-specific equipment features and check the reception options in the respondent households. People aged 14 and over are surveyed.

Before weighting on the microcensus, additional information on children aged 3-13 years is obtained from both studies and the specifications of the official statistics. The area statuses (municipality code, administrative district, federal state, GGK bik and GGK pol) of the survey studies and the microcensus are synchronised and - if necessary - updated.

In the joint weighting to the specifications of the microcensus, the tv-specific characteristics, which were obtained in the platform study by triage in the respondent households, are given a higher weight. All other information from the potential and platform study flows equally into the AGF Video Potentials.


The population comprises the resident population in the Federal Republic of Germany in private households with a German-speaking main income earner (HEB) and at least one device for moving image use (TV, PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, game console) in use.


Total: 25,000 cases

Potential study: 20,000 cases, dual-frame, ADM selection basis, disproportional

Platform study: 5,000 cases, random sample, ADM face to face sampling system, proportional

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