AGF SCOPE is the successor to the VIDEOSCOPE evaluation software and is being developed as a modern browser-based web application for evaluating television, streaming and video usage behaviour. AGF SCOPE is a completely new development with a focus on improved presentation and usability that takes current user requirements into account.

The focus in the development of AGF SCOPE was primarily on the high-performance processing of large data sets, as they result from the ever-increasing data sources flowing into the AGF system, and the improvement of usability for the user combined with numerous integrated visualisation options. For example, there will be a dashboard function with editable graphic options as well as quick-definable widgets that can be customised to provide users with relevant information in an uncomplicated way on a daily basis. This means that in future, internal data processing and visualisation processes can also be designed more efficiently and taken over by the tool. In addition, the "programme mark" as a new evaluation aggregate will enable targeted convergence evaluations in AGF SCOPE.

As a web-based tool, AGF SCOPE can be accessed flexibly as long as there is an internet connection.

AGF SCOPE will start on 01/01/2023 in a parallel phase and will replace the previous evaluation software VIDEOSCOPE on 01/07/2023.