AGF SCOPE is AGF’s software for a standardized measurement of television-, streaming- and video-usage. AGF SCOPE replaced AGF VIDEOSCOPE 08/01/2023 and has been the sole reference system since then.

AGF SCOPE’s development focused on usability, performance and a modern design: the software works browser-based and thus allows easy access via the Internet. Thanks to its modular structure, AGF SCOPE can also be customized. The new dashboard function with editable graphic options and quickly defined widgets enable users to create tailor-made analyses. Internal data processing and visualization can also be efficiently implemented.

The software enables ex-post and standardized analyses based on AGF data for TV, streaming and TV advertising. Video data (TV & streaming) is updated daily. The smallest analyzable unit for TV is the TV broadcast element or commercial break and a licensed 5-minute interval. The smallest analyzable streaming interval is the broadcast day 3-3 o'clock.

In AGF SCOPE, for the first time, an aggregate for the analysis of cross-media program brands across all channels, devices and platforms under measurement is also possible.

Depending on the license, a detailed measurement of audience growth, viewer identities and movements across multiple TV programs can be carried out (e.g. usage cumulations, audience flow, usage overlaps), and additional person and household characteristics can be imported.

AGF SCOPE was developed by AGF's long-term software partner DAP Systems. It ensures high-performance processing of large data sets and is easy to maintain thanks to cloud hosting and deployment as 'Software as a Service'.

With the successful migration to AGF SCOPE, one of the biggest changes to the AGF system since 2009 has been a positive one - back then, TV SCOPE replaced the predecessor software pc#tv.