Quality assurance

Quality assurance plays a central role in the AGF system. AGF has set up a set of processes ranging from daily plausibility checks to regular logon discipline checks for panel participants to continuous monitoring and verification of panel composition.


To this end, the panel is intended to depict the German video households as realistically as possible. AGF Videoforschung therefore annually compares the structural values of the panel with the values that have been collected in the external specification (AGF Video Potentials) through representative surveys nationwide. The AGF Video Potentials is based on a sample of 25,000 interviews and is weighted according to the microcensus.

To ensure the representativeness of the panel, the demographic structure of the panel must match that of the universe.

In addition to the reception-specific criteria (devices for receiving linear TV and/or devices with which streaming content can be received; reception levels, platform access), regional and socio-demographic characteristics are relevant (regional distribution of households according to federal states and municipality size classes, household size, age, education and occupation of the main income earner).