Data purchase

Depending on the target group, AGF Videoforschung offers specifically tailored options for obtaining data.

Please contact us for your data request.


Video providers who wish to participate in the measurement can choose between two license forms:

System participation includes access to AGF data and the AGF software for various usage purposes. The AGF software includes tools for planning and ex-post analysis with an extensive set of evaluation options for the video offerings mapped in the AGF system according to individually definable target groups and enables a variety of analyses of viewer movements at programme or advertising block level and according to time periods.

A pre-condition for system participation is the active participation of the broadcaster/publisher in the measurement. For TV providers, this includes in particular the delivery of programme logs (second-by-second programme sequence of the broadcast programme) and rate files in 8-digit rate format; for streaming providers, the integration of a measurement library into the offering to be measured.

The licence for system-independent data purchase includes includes time-averaged data for the provider's own offering as well as selected target groups in the form of predefined reports that can be accessed via AGF DATA. There is no obligation for TV providers to supply programme logs and rate files.

Agencies / Advertisers / Auditors

Media agencies, advertising companies and auditors can choose from a modular system of packages with different data depths, included AGF software and usage rights.



For journalists, AGF Videoforschung offers the ability to query data using a selection screen. A copy of your press ID should be attached.

If editors are interested in purchasing data regularly, for instance every day or month, AGF would be pleased to put together an individual offer, which also includes access to the AGF DATA tool.

Journalists who are already registered with AGF Videoforschung (because they have a regular data purchase contract or have already identified themselves in the past) can also query data on weekends and holidays. The service hotline is staffed from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on those days. Journalists without a regular data purchase arrangement are subject to a 100-percent surcharge.

Other interested parties

End customers

Other interested parties who wish to use AGF data for their own purposes, for example in lectures, articles or internal reports, can also obtain data from AGF or one of its partners in the field of data utilization.

You can choose from a large number of channels, target groups and facts for your customized analysis.

As soon as we receive your evaluation request, we check whether you are authorized to obtain the data. If this is the case, you will receive an offer for confirmation. Invoicing takes place after data delivery. For specific requests that are not covered by the order form, please contact us directly by e-mail.

For customers who purchase large quantities of data, it may be worthwhile signing a regular data purchase contract. Please get in touch with us directly.

Commercial transfer

If you are not an end customer and wish to use the AGF data for commercial transfer to third parties, please contact us directly.

Example evaluation AGF DATA

Within the framework of the AGF data supply, the AGF offers the possibility of obtaining various evaluations. By default, a data delivery includes all programmes of a channel for one day. The performance values are the viewing participation in millions and the market share in % for Total viewers and the target group adults 14-49 years.

The evaluations can be flexibly expanded to include other channels, target groups (e.g. by age or gender) and evaluation days as well as facts (e.g. net reach or average age). In addition, various hit list options of the most successful programmes or channels for a period (e.g. one day, month or year) are available.

Example evaluation

Authorised distribution partners of AGF

The AGF works together with authorised distribution partners:

GGmedia Forschung und Beratung GmbH
Klenzestraße 38 | D-80469 Munich

Intelligent Research in Sponsoring GmbH
Haid-und-Neu-Straße 7 | D-76131 Karlsruhe

70, rue Rivay | F-92532 Levallois Cedex

Nielsen SportsGermany GmbH
Scheidtweilerstraße 17 | D-50933 Cologne

ValuMedia GmbH
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