Everything you always wanted to know about AGF Videoforschung ...

No, aside from a few incentives (gifts) there is no payment for panel households. This is to avoid distortions and conditioning in usage.

The identity of households in the AGF Panel is subject to strict confidentiality and is known to just a few employees at GfK SE. Neither AGF nor the TV broadcasters nor any licensees know the identity of the households involved.

No, recruitment is based on random sampling. This means every private TV household in Germany with a German-speaking main income earner has the same chance of being recruited for the AGF Panel. Participation is voluntary.

No, every form of usage is “correct” in the AGF Panel as long as your normal usage behavior is not consciously modified.

Representativeness is a matter of structural equality between the sample and the population. It is ensured by comparing the panel to the external specifications. The sample size of 5,400 households is more than adequate to provide significant results with sufficiently high case numbers for a broad set of target groups

The method’s technical precision allows to-the-second measurement of usage events.