Data protection

1. Data Protection Policy for the Website of AGF Videoforschung

With its website, AGF Videoforschung GmbH provides information to interested third parties on all aspects of AGF's video research. AGF Videoforschung is aware that users of the website place great value on the protection of their usage data. AGF Videoforschung will take all reasonable technical and organizational measures at its disposal to protect their data from third parties when collecting and storing such data. AGF Videoforschung will observe legal data protection provisions when collecting, processing, and using personal data. This specifically includes but is not limited to the confidential handling of personal data. The following notices regarding data protection on the website of AGF Videoforschung are applicable.

AGF Videoforschung is committed to handling your personal data responsibly and in particular to preserving and protecting your privacy. To prevent unauthorized data access or disclosure and to ensure their accuracy and prevent them from being used unlawfully, we have established appropriate technical and organizational processes to secure and protect the data. Nevertheless, AGF Videoforschung cannot assume responsibility or liability for disclosure of your data due to data transmission errors and/or unauthorized access by third parties.

2. Responsible Party and Data Protection Officer

The responsible entity within the meaning of data protection laws is AGF Videoforschung GmbH, Gärtnerweg 4-8, D-60322 Frankfurt am Main. Legal representatives are the managing directors Mrs. Kerstin Niederauer-Kopf (Chairwoman) and Mrs. Anke Weber. If you have any questions or concerns regarding data protection, please contact our data protection officer, Mr. Christian Dugall, Datenschutz süd GmbH, Heilbronnerstr. 156, 70191 Stuttgart, at the email address .

You can also send questions and also grievances to us at any time. Please use the e-mail address .

3. Sharing Data, Service Providers

AGF Videoforschung does not share any collected data with third parties. To operate the website, AGF Videoforschung uses an IT service provider, Serviceplan Solutions 1 GmbH & Co.KG, Frankenthaler Str. 20, D-81539 Munich, which is required by contractual arrangement with AGF Videoforschung to comply with the data protection provisions.

4. Data Collection to Ensure Function and Optimization of the Website in Log Files

Every time our website is accessed, our system automatically collects data and information from the system you use to access the website.

The following types of data are collected, in some cases only if supplied by the browser used by the user:

  • Information concerning the type of browser and version used
  • User’s operating system
  • User’s Internet service provider
  • User’s IP address
  • Time and date of access
  • Websites from which the user’s system reaches our website

These data are likewise stored in our system’s log files. There is no storage of these data together with other personal data of the user.

The legal basis for temporary storage of the data is GDPR Art. 6 (1) (f).

The storage is performed in order to ensure the functioning of the website. In addition, the data help us optimize the website and ensure the security of our IT systems. There is no analysis of the data for marketing purposes in this context. These objectives also constitute our justified interest in processing the data, under GDPR Art. 6 (1) (f).

The data are deleted as soon as they are no longer required for achieving the purpose of collecting them. If data are collected in order to access the website, this occurs when the particular session has ended. If data are stored in server logs, they are deleted after four weeks at the latest.

5. Contact Form, Contact by E-Mail

Our website has a contact form that can be used to contact us. When the message is sent, we send a confirmation link to the e-mail address provided by the sender. Only following confirmation with that link is the information entered on the input screen transmitted to us and stored for a reply to you.

It is necessary to collect your first and last name and e-mail address so that you can contact us using our contact form. No other personal information is necessary when contacting us; any such information is provided voluntarily but may make it easier for AGF to contact you (e.g., to send materials requested by you). Any personal data you enter are provided on an exclusively voluntary basis. We process your personal data exclusively for the purpose of responding to your inquiry. There is no sharing of data with third parties in this context. As soon as you send us the contact request, you will automatically receive an e-mail message at the e-mail address provided in the contact form. This e-mail will contain a link to confirm that you are the owner of the e-mail address and that it was your intentional wish to contact us. This procedure serves to prevent misuse of your e-mail address.

The legal basis for processing the data is GDPR Art. 6 (1) (f). Processing your contact request also constitutes our justified interest in processing the data.

As an alternative, it is also possible to initiate contact using the e-mail address provided. In this case, the user’s personal information provided in the e-mail is stored.

The legal basis for processing the data transmitted in the course of sending an e-mail message is GDPR Art. 6 (1) (f). If the purpose of the e-mail contact is to make an agreement (e.g., employment agreement), then an additional legal basis is GDPR Art. 6 (1) (b).

In the case of e-mail contact, the required justified interest in processing the data is to respond to your e-mail.

In addition, the following data are stored at the time the message is sent:

  • User’s IP address
  • Time and date of registration

The other personal data processed in the course of transmission have the purpose of preventing misuse of the contact form and ensuring the security of our IT systems.

The legal basis for this storage is GDPR Art. 6 (1) (f). The justified interest lies in preventing abuse and the need for ensuring the security of our IT systems.

The data stored for responding are deleted as soon as they are no longer required for achieving the purpose of collecting them for the other purposes of processing such data. This is the case for the data entered in the contact form and those transmitted by e-mail once the particular conversation with the inquiring party is finished or the circumstances indicate that the matter in question has been conclusively clarified or that you no longer desire a response to your question.

The personal data that are automatically collected in addition during the transmission process are deleted after seven days at the latest unless the communication with you extends beyond that time, for instance to answer your questions. In that case deletion is performed after the end of communication.

6. Technically Necessary Cookies

We use cookies on various pages to enhance our website’s user experience and make it possible to use certain functions. The cookies are small text files that are stored on your device. When a user accesses a website, a cookie can be stored on the operating system of the user's device. AGF uses only technically necessary cookies. Consent to this is not required. All of the cookies AGF uses are deleted at the end of the browser session, i.e., after closing your browser. You can delete the cookies in your browser’s security settings at any time. The user data collected by the cookies are not used to create user profiles.

The legal basis for processing personal data using cookies is GDPR Art. 6 (1) (f).

7. Use of Analytics Tools

The AGF website does not use any tracking tools whatsoever. No tracking cookies are set.

8. Privacy Notice for Applications

Purpose and Legal Basis of Data Processing:

We process your personal data for the purpose of making a decision regarding the establishment of an employment relationship. In the course of the application process, we specifically process your contact details, such as your name and address, as well as the data associated with your application, such as your resume, certificates, and qualifications. If you request reimbursement of travel expenses, we will also need your bank account details. The legal basis for processing your data is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b) GDPR. If you voluntarily provide us with additional data beyond the aforementioned (e.g., your photo), we process this based on your implicit consent in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a) GDPR. You can revoke this consent at any time with effect for the future.

Recipients of Your Data:

We treat your data confidentially and do not disclose it to unauthorized third parties.

Storage Duration / Criteria for Determining the Storage Duration:

Unless there are statutory retention periods, your data will be deleted as soon as storage is no longer necessary or the legitimate interest in storage has expired. If no employment is established, this is usually the case no later than six months after the conclusion of the application process or receipt of the rejection. We will also delete your data if you revoke your consent to the processing of your data.

9. Rights of Data Subjects

You have the following rights with respect to us regarding the personal data concerning you:

  • Right of information,
  • Right of correction or deletion,
  • Right to restrict processing,
  • Right to object to processing,
  • Right of data portability.

You also have the right to file a complaint with a data protection regulatory agency concerning our processing of your personal data.

The information and notices regarding your rights will be provided to you at no cost.

Please contact our data protection officer with questions on the collection, processing, or use of your personal data, asserting your rights, or revoking consent that was previously given.

10. Security of Data Transmission

We use secure sockets layer software (SSL) to protect the security of your information during transmission. This software encrypts the information you transmit.

11. Liability for Content, Change in Data Protection Provisions

AGF Videoforschung offers information to interested users on this website. AGF Videoforschung strives for completeness and accuracy in the information provided on this website but cannot guarantee this in a legal manner. Any liability of AGF Videoforschung for the completeness and accuracy of the information provided or any harm suffered by the user from the use thereof is expressly precluded hereby. This also applies for all manner of damages that might arise through errors, delays, or interruptions in transmission, in case of disruptions to technical systems and the service, incorrect content, loss or erasure of data, viruses, or in any other way or manner when using this online content.

AGF Videoforschung has at any time the right to modify or completely discontinue the information content offered.