As a neutral institution, AGF Videoforschung has successively expanded its media research. It now also offers a series of extensive survey studies on media usage. The Platform Study, which appears twice a year, provides current specifications on the potential and distribution of households with access to a platform, as well as findings on video-on-demand usage, among other things. The Convergence Monitor research series has also been published under the AGF umbrella since 2020. This deals, for example, with the use of smart TVs and on-demand video content, mobile Internet usage and the usage of TV content on the Internet, but also audio. With more than 5,100 cases, the AGF GenZ Video Study, published in 2020, is one of the largest studies on the usage of video and TV by children and adolescents that has been recorded in Germany in recent years.


AGF Local Channel Report

The AGF will now regularly analyze the usage of local channels in Germany. The basis includes all locally broadcasted channels in Germany under measurement, and additionally, the individual licensees of local channels are separately accounted for. The analysis for the initial phase covers the first half of 2023.

Download AGF Local Channel Report 1st half of the year 2023

Download AGF Local Channel Report 3rd Quarter 2023

Download AGF Local Channel Report 4th Quarter 2023

Platform Study

Twice a year since 2011, Kantar has surveyed more than 2,500 participants per cycle from the German-speaking population aged 14 and up for the Platform Study on behalf of AGF Videoforschung. The study is conducted in the respondents’ households. In addition to an extensive interview on socio-demographics, online and streaming usage, availability of TV devices and receivable programming, the information is additionally validated by an examination of the devices and by having channels turned on.

The study provides current specifications on potential and on the distribution of households with access to a platform, and thus serves as an external specification for structural panel control and for weighting and extrapolating platform households. It also provides information on video-on-demand usage, particularly content not subject to AGF measurement.

The most recent study can be found in the press releases.


AGF GenZ Video Study

In spring 2020 AGF Videoforschung commissioned Kantar to conduct the AGF Gen-Z Video Study to examine video usage and themes in the target group of three- to 17-year-olds. This baseline survey features a modular study design with a qualitative preliminary study and a large-scale quantitative analysis including surveys on daily routine. With more than 5,100 cases, the “AGF GenZ Video Study” is one of the most comprehensive studies performed on this subject in Germany in recent years.

AGF presents the major results of the study in its AGF Viewtime video series.