Video streaming data

Since 2010, the AGF has been working on measuring video streaming in addition to television audience research. Since 2017, data has been reported monthly and since 2019 daily with an offset of 8 days for the corresponding data day. As part of the streaming measurement, the AGF determines values such as cumulated net coverage, cumulated viewing volume, average viewing duration and characteristics for all services that actively participate in the measurement.

Monthly hit lists

The hit lists (TV + streaming) are based exclusively on TV content. They do not include web-only formats. They show how much reach a programme broadcast on TV gains through streaming. The hit lists are ranked by streaming net coverage and also show the convergent reach of a particular TV programme (TV + streaming).

The hit lists can be used to answer the questions:

  • Which TV programmes had the highest streaming net coverage per service in the reference target group in the past month?

  • How many people used these TV programmes in total (TV + streaming)?


Download AGF Streaming hit lists September 2021


The performance values are determined by combining audiomatching and tagging.

Programmes that were marked as repeats in the broadcasting log are excluded. If a programme was broadcast more than once in the period under consideration, only the first TV broadcast of the programme is taken into account for the hit lists.

Hit list ranking by NRW (million) {STR} TOP 20: Sorting by streaming only; since TV programmes can be broadcast more than once, the streaming-only values in these cases are based on the identical performance of the streaming video.


Net Coverage (NRW):

Net coverage (NRW) indicates the number of people reached by a content (programme, advertisement, time slot, video) at least once for one second (method 0/1). Multiple uses of a person are only counted once. Method 0/1 is one of two processing methods of data analysis. Here, performance values are calculated independently of the viewing duration. If there is one use, the p-value is set to 1. In this way, the full weight of a person is always included in the analysis.


Market standard Bewegtbild (i.e. video):

In the market standard Bewegtbild (i.e. video), only streaming performance of non-linear and event livestream viewing is shown in the coverage reference  {STR} since the cut-off date 01.01.2021. Usage of 24/7 live stream with broadcast reference are not part of streaming, but part of TV in the coverage reference {TV}. All uses for the evaluation element are included in the coverage reference {} (TV + streaming).



Streaming only: NRW (million) {STR}

TV + Streaming: NRW (Mio.) {}


Streaming includes all services measured by the AGF, i.e. on platforms and players of the providers.

TV includes linear viewing, time-shifted usage on own devices up to 3 days after broadcast and offers streamed simultaneous in time and content to the linear programme (24/7 livestream).

AGF Smart Meter

AGF Videoforschung is expanding its measurement with its “AGF Smart Meter” project: Using measurement router technology developed by GfK on behalf of AGF, AGF is measuring the use of streaming services on smart TVs in its own panel. This way, the average daily watch times of selected video platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on big screens can be determined. A future monthly report based on this measurement will show the usage times for seven target groups, initially. Additional target groups, video offers and devices will be added later.

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