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AGF Videoforschung makes extensive performance data available on video usage in Germany, offering it to interested data purchasers in a variety of licence forms.


Total Video Facts 2023

Germany between crisis and escapism (Press release 05/01/2024)


Total Video Facts 2022

Total Video Facts 2021

Total Video Facts 2020

Data purchase

AGF offers specially tailored subscriptions and licences for data purchase for different customer groups. The reports are made available in AGF DATA for the press and end customers.

TV Data

AGF determines a wide range of data. Here is an exemplary selection, including the top 5 daily programmes and market shares for months and years.

Video streaming data

The AGF measures online video content from publishers who actively participate in measurement. In addition, AGF publishes the AGF Smart Meter Report with aggregated data from selected platforms.

Working with AGF data

There are some general rules to follow when handling and presenting AGF data. You can also find the current Codes of Practice here.