Follow the Campaign: Cross-media coverage measurement

September 10, 2020. How does a video campaign work on different channels? Answers are provided by the pilot project “Follow the Campaign – with Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings” for measuring the cross-media coverage of video campaigns, which was launched in 2019. AGF has now measured more than 20 campaigns, including “You make the best of the best network” by Deutsche Telekom. Guests are Norman Wagner (Head of Group Media, Deutsche Telekom), Guido Modenbach (EVP Research, Analytics & Consulting, SevenOne Entertainment Group) and Kerstin Niederauer-Kopf (Chairperson of the Executive Management of AGF Videoforschung). Sascha Jansen (Chief Digital Officer, Omnicom Media Group) and Matt O’Grady (Global Commercial President, Nielsen Media) join in by video call.


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Juliane Paperlein (AGF), Guido Modenbach (SevenOne Entertainment Group), Norman Wagner (Deutsche Telekom) and Kerstin Niederauer-Kopf (AGF) (photo)

Norman Wagner

Norman Wagner, Deutsche Telekom (photo)

Guido Modenbach

Guido Modenbach, SevenOne Entertainment Group (photo)

Kerstin Niederauer-Kopf

Kerstin Niederauer-Kopf, AGF Videoforschung (photo)

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