Working with AGF data and copyrights

When handling and presenting AGF data, the following general rules must be observed:


Preliminary/final weighted data

Data with preliminary weighting becomes invalid and must be replaced after the final weighting.


Decimal places

In the AGF evaluation systems, the maximum possible number of decimal places is transferred during export.

The following applies for the presentation of results:

  • Viewing participation, viewers, net reach in millions: 3 decimal places
  • Viewing participation, viewers, net reach in %: 1 decimal place
  • Potential in millions: 3 decimal places
  • Usage volume, viewing time, dwell time: HH:MM:SS
  • Market share, usage share moving image in %: 1 decimal place
  • CPM in euros: 2 decimal places
  • Net affinity as index: 0 decimal place


The following information is binding for the presentation of AGF data:

  • Source: AGF
  • Evaluation system (e.g. AGF systems such as AGF SCOPE, PLAN TV, TV CONTROL) including version/release number (e.g. 1.2), if necessary own calculations based on own rules and different data sources
  • Market standard: TV or video standard
  • Type of evaluation or evaluation type (e.g. streaming interval)
  • Service determination method (e.g., product-related)
  • Package number (e.g. 8659) from (date)
  • Evaluation period: date, time period
  • Evaluation basis (households or persons, adults aged 14 and over, persons aged 3 and over, ...) and the corresponding facts (viewers in percent or million, viewing participation in percent or million, ...)
  • Origin: date and creator (broadcaster, name of advertising agency, etc.)
  • If analyses are based on a preliminary weighting, this must be indicated.

Example of a standard source specification:

Source: AGF; AGF SCOPE 1.0, market standard TV Evaluation type TV, product-related, package number 1234 from 01.02.2023, target group, evaluation period, company x


Use of the "AGF" source reference

Since AGF aims to make the results of AGF coverage research available to all market participants in such a way that they can arrive at comparable results, the licensee is only permitted to use the source designation "AGF" with regard to the AGF data after merging the AGF data with third-party data, processing the AGF data in non-AGF software or otherwise editing the AGF data if the corresponding license agreement requirements for this are met and the data designated in this way can also be traced and formed in the AGF software. Links of AGF data with other data sources are to be marked with the note "Own calculations based on own rules and different data sources".


Data sharing and publications

It must be ensured that the data is not available to unauthorized third parties in the form of databases or archives in searchable form. Any publication and other making available must be done in such a way that the recipient of the data is not entitled to any further use of the data for his own or third parties' commercial or journalistic purposes. Commercial marketing of AGF data by sale to third parties is permitted exclusively to AGF and the data processors commissioned by it.


Copyrights to data of AGF Videoforschung

AGF Videoforschung holds all exclusive rights within the meaning of the German Copyright Law (Urhebergesetz, UrhG) with respect to the data of AGF Videoforschung (AGF data), specifically including but not limited to all exclusive rights of the database producer within the meaning of UrhG Sections 4 II, 87a ff. to the databases so created, the data of AGF Videoforschung contained therein, and any excerpted data or partial databases. AGF Videoforschung is the owner of all exclusive exploitation rights to the data of AGF Videoforschung. Any use for business or other commercial purposes is expressly prohibited without express permission from AGF Videoforschung.

AGF Codes of Practice

The "AGF Codes of Practice" are rules imposed by AGF Videoforschung for working with AGF’s entire research system. In particular they govern further calculations with the data and the rights and responsibilities of working with the data.

The AGF Codes of Practice are a binding part of all AGF Videoforschung’s agreements with third parties.