Video Streaming

AGF began working to measure video streaming in addition to television audience research as far back as 2010. Figures for online video content have also been reported since 2014 – monthly since 2017 and daily since 2019.

On behalf of the AGF Videoforschung Nielsen has developed a hybrid measurement approach consisting of panel and census measurements. This consists of two pillars: panels and census measurement.

  • Desktop panel: From the desktop panel, around 10,650 monthly active participants report. The population is the German-speaking population of the Federal Republic of Germany aged 3 and over with internet use in the last four weeks.
  • Mobile panel: Additional data comes from the mobile panel with around 10,650 monthly active panelists (as of 01/01/2021); it monitors video usage on smart phones and tablets and has reported data since May 2019. Video streaming usage is measured for individuals age 18 and up who were online with a mobile device in the last four weeks.
  • Census measurement: Census measurement enables the full coverage for the content of those publishers participating in the measurement. The Nielsen measurement applied is certified by the Media Rating Council (MRC) in the U.S., with a software development kit (SDK) from Nielsen that can be used for all operating systems and browsers.

The two data sets are merged in an elaborated process and reported as a convergent rating.