From A for AGF Videoforschung to Z for zapping, the most important technical terms in video research are explained here.

4G (LTE)

4G refers to the fourth generation of mobile networks. The predecessors of the fourth generation were the first to third generations of mobile networks: 1G, 2G and 3G. Whereas 1G networks were still equipped with an analog transmission technology and only allowed for simple phone connections, 2G networks equipped with a digital transmission technology allow for a higher quality of phone connections at a lower cost and the transmission of SMS messages. GSM is the most widespread standard for 2G. 3G mobile networks allows for faster data transmission and support multimedia applications such as Mobile TV and Internet access. UMTS is the most widespread standard for 3G. Fourth-generation networks are IP-based and allow for high-speed data transfers at any time and place. LTE is the most widespread standard for 4G.

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