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Media Control and AGF end their collaboration / AGF expands its range of services

Frankfurt/Baden-Baden, 27 December 2019. Effective 31 January 2020, Media Control and AGF Videoforschung will end their positive collaboration of many years. AGF will expand its offering by performing some of the marketing of TV ratings itself. Since the early 1990s, Media Control has marketed German TV data on behalf of AGF Videoforschung and supplemented the TV ratings with information on TV usage behaviour such as viewing times, audience shares, market shares and viewer ages.

“The cooperation between Media Control and AGF Videoforschung was a success story. We thank them for the extraordinarily positive collaboration over many years, which enabled us to reliably deliver AGF data to data users such as the press and production companies for nearly three decades. AGF is now taking the next step and expanding its portfolio”, said Kerstin Niederauer-Kopf, Chairperson of the Executive Management of AGF Videoforschung.

“Media Control has performed pioneering work in the marketing of TV ratings for about 30 years. We were one of the first to recognize the added value of transparent chart reports and created a currency for the media that remains valid until the present day. Consumer behaviour has changed markedly in the last few years, so that we have decided after careful consideration to return the TV segment to the capable hands of AGF. We wish to thank AGF Videoforschung most sincerely for the always harmonious and fair collaboration over many years and wish them all the best in meeting the new challenges”, said Ulrike Altig, Managing Director Media Control.

The contract between AGF and Media Control will expire as planned on 31 January 2020. Beginning on 1 February, AGF will become the contact partner for the data users that were previously supplied by Media Control. As part of this transition, the reach researchers will introduce individual press packages, among other things. “By doing this, AGF would like to allow for specific tailoring especially for the press services”, said Kerstin Niederauer-Kopf.

The contact partner for production studios will be GGmedia Forschung & Beratung, a data user licensed by AGF that supplies companies with both provisionally weighted and finally weighted ratings, as well as program-specific or time period-specific analysis reports, broadcast slot analysis reports, average market share and reach calculations, and structural data.



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AGF Videoforschung GmbH specializes in impartial video research. AGF continuously tracks the use of video content in Germany on a quantitative basis and analyses the data collected. It invests many millions of euros per year to continuously refine its instruments in order to deliver reliable data on the use of video content to the market on a daily basis. AGF consults closely with all market partners, including licensed TV stations, advertisers and media agencies.


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